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Q-UP Studios was established to help people get high quality music at an affordable price.

The "Q" is for quality; the one thing we focus on giving you, and the one thing you should look for when purchasing any product or service.

We offer a 24 track recording studio to record your own music or background music. For those hype beats, phat bass lines, special efx (effects) and orchestrated sounds, we have keyboards by Korg, Roland, EM-U, Alesis and Kurzweil.

Sampling done on Kurzwiel K2000.

Effects and Processors by Aphex, Eventide, Lexicon, Behringer, Alesis, Yamaha, and Digitech (vocalist) for reverb, delay and compression, harmonizer, etc...

Sequencing is done on Mac computer supplying up to 256 tracks for music.

Vocal Booth with choice of microphones: AKG 414, Sennhiser 421, Shure SM57 & 58, Audio Technica 40TR11 or Electro-Voice RE27, HHB 850 CDR ...

Leave studio with CD !

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